Tuesday, October 8, 2013

I have been trying to understand the arguments around the new health care law(emphasis here on LAW!) that opened with insurance exchanges on Tuesday. It is my understanding that this law is meant to provide health care for the most vulnerable and disabled of our fellow citizens! It seems to me that our communities and our nation are as strong as our weakest links. I have always thought that it is a moral obligation to place compassion and support for the most vulnerable as a responsibility of our nation. We are an exceptional nation and if we lose our moral compass(as the tea party and extremists have) we compromise what makes us unique! Individual greed and selfishness diminish us. To me ,compassion is the essence of the definition of an American. Can we afford not to care? I don't get it. As an example,I refer back to a charming young woman who I met during the Obama campaign .She was under 26 and had been given a diagnosis of a very serious cancer. Her parents were going to mortgage their house and all they had to get her treatment. Instead she was able to go on their insurance policy and will not have to live under a pre existing condition due to the Affordable Care Act. She was so appreciative that upon meeting Michelle Obama(I actually witnessed this) they held hands and cried together for the joy of this act that saved her and her family from disaster. Do any of these crazy's in Congress calling this the worst act ever, think about the children with asthma, cancer, heart disease etc that will be served humanely because of OBAMACARES(  I love this name)? I don't understand the demonization of this act that Congress passed. I could go on and on with examples of people who will be helped for the first time by ACA(Affordable Care act) I am sure you know many such cases. So I say leave this act alone and watch what needs to be tweaked for later!!!!
Do the members of Congress have amnesia and forget that it is they who approved it? The law is good, but can be improved upon in the future. For years now it has been clear that the Tea Partyers have only one goal: to defeat President Obama on any field, anywhere. The future of our country and the plight of its citizens seems to be irrelevant to them! Lets remember what they are so desperately against in Obamacares-insurance companies will not be permitted to discriminate against people with HIV/AIDs, heart problems or just being a woman(a pre existing condition in old laws!).  It eliminates the doughnut hole for medications, and it enables over 30 million Americans who have not had health care to apply for affordable health care. It is such a mystery to me how they have been able to bring this up 41 plus times for defeat and can't seem to pass a budget. I wonder if the government were to shut down Congressional paychecks, if air traffic controllers were furloughed and travel came to a halt(remember those tea party guys who made travel an exception for not shutting down),if seniors stopped receiving Social security checks it would make a difference. I believe those same government haters would be outraged, and the shut down would be short lived. Shame on you, Congress . I do not consider you GOP House members essential since you do no work for our benefit, and keep repeating a repeal of the health care act that is the law! The country would be better off if you took a permanent furlough, that we the voters could make happen! You conservatives are wrong-just as you were when you were opposed to Social security, Medicare,and gay marriage. Again I say,SHAME ON YOU! We have to get out there and make our voices heard for the sanity of this country. We won the last election, and the only people who don't know it are the majority of the House-the crazies that make up the extremist GOP! WEll, I have news for ou guys-the country is fed up with your inane non governing ways. Congress should do something productive-like pass a budget! End of sermon,but please lets do the right thing and take back the HOUSE!