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Fired up and Ready to Re-Elect the President

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Dear Obama /Biden Supporters:

I recently received this e-mail from Carol, a woman that I met at a DNC event in 08." Sunny:

What has happened to your wonderful inspirational emails? Are you still doing them and I am off the list? Please let me know. Above it the last one I received!! We only met once at a DNC event in NY but I really was inspired by your emails in 2008. The last few days of the Republican Convention have been sort of hallucinatory – so many lies and no policy specifics. I expected the business man Romney to offer some solutions. Instead he pretended to be everybody’s cozy grandfather which I don’t think played to his strengths but what do I know".

I wrote back to her that I had changed over to sharing info on my progressive Facebook page since it was almost impossible for me to keep up with all the correspondence I was getting from the blog. I wanted to be able to keep everyone connected and answer your e-mails but it was taking over my life and making it harder for me to actually work for Barack Obama at HQ, travel for him,or raise money for events. However,I am still so passionate about our President that I decided to write one more letter to you all in hopes that you are still fired up and ready to get our President re-elected. The Romney campaign's turn to a more combative message to attract a wider range of unhappy voters is a demonstration of the final chapter in the Republican strategy to recapture control of our government. After the 2010 midterm election where the GOP won control of the House and gained seats in the Senate,Mitch McConnel was quoted as saying"Our top priority over the next two years should be to deny President Obama a second term". In other words,not to care about the American people,jobs,or anything that would be better for the public,but just veto all bills. Veto any suggestions that might improve the economic situation ,and make it look like Obama has done nothing during this administration. This was the plan and the Tea Party carried it out just as Norquist(an unelected member of Congress) asked them to do. Congressional Republicans followed orders to a tee and frustrated every major administration effort to to improve the economy. Successful in this policy of obstruction,they are now blaming the President for the weak economy! We have to make sure that this election will hold those just say no voters accountable for the hard times, all their vetoes including the one that helped lower our financial rating !

There have been so many lies that came out of the Republican convention that the word "fantasy" has been used by columnists ranging from David Brooks(moderate Republican),Paul Krugman and Gail Collins to describe the GOP political party and how it is responding to public policy. If one were to really look at what Romney/Ryan are saying it would show that our nation's greatest difficulty is not the economy,environment,or medicare but the GOP's avoidance of reality. They don't believe in science,a woman's right to choose,a person's right to marry whom they please,Planned Parenthood,or saving the environment. The Republicans say they want government out of everything and are for "personal responsibility". Why then can we not be trusted to take "personal responsibility" for our most intimate and personal choices? I just don't get it ,no government for helping with illness,rebuilding our infrastructure,supporting our troops and police and fire men but government for laws against women's control over their own bodies etc,what is wrong with this picture? Can someone please explain this to me?

If for no other reason than for my new granddaughter Lucy , I am going to spend every waking minute working on re-electing our President. This precious baby will still be suffering from our loss if G-d forbid R and R are elected. She will be affected by the Supreme Court choices of our next President(possible 3 such new justices) since they are appointed for life as well as their hateful policies against women. A group of us have been working on showing all the President has accomplished in the last four years and I will be including this at the end of my letter. I will try to add some of the most recent wonderful e-mails you have sent me,but I am so hoping you will go to the progressive facebook page and join us all in our conversation about how to keep Obama in the White House! With the convention coming up,I know you will all be glued to the TV but I wanted to let you know that I am only a click away. If you want to travel,make calls,send money,or just ask about pertinent information to help in your conversations about the President,please don't hesitate to write!!

I am so excited to hear the President's speech on Thursday night. He inspires me as do all of you who have continued working and setting the record straight. I am so proud of our group for not letting the liars get by with their lies. It is definitely my goal to stop any and all lies with fact checked information,even though Mr Ryan doesn't't believe in fact checking. It is my genuine belief that those who don't stop lies are equally as bad as those who tell them. Just think about world war two and those who allowed the Germans to spread lies and turn the entire country against the Jews and other "undesirables". What would have happened if people stood up to them and said these are our neighbors, we know then,work with them and won't allow you to spread lies about them. Just keep this in mind when you get an ugly distorted e-mail. Please just go to and or and stop the lies. It doesn't matter if Ryan is lying about his budget,how much his cuts will save, medicare vouchers,or the distance he purported to run in a marathon,a lie is a lie. We won't let them get away with it! If for any reason you doubt what accomplishments the President has made ,please take a look at this article that Greer from TX/MO sent me: Here is a list of 194 Obama Administration accomplishments. This should be passed onto anyone who, as the article says, is "disappointed" about what Obama hasn't done, let alone anyone who plans on voting for Romney!

So once again I beg you to make those calls,reconnect with anyone in the swing states that might not realize how important their votes will be. It is up to us to wear those buttons,ring those doorbells,work in OFA offices,study our information, get the word out ,and learn those stories about what Obama has done for this country. We need to revitalize our base and sell like you have never sold before. I will leave you with one tale that I experienced about eight weeks ago here in New York. I had the distinct pleasure of seeing our first lady at Stone Barns(restaurant in upper Westchester) for a brunch with about 125 people. I was seated with my friends who came with me,and a lovely young woman and her mother and father who I did not know. I was at the other end of the table so I didn't get to talk to her much. However, I was told by one of the wonderful staff that I should go over and introduce myself to this very special young woman. I got up and met her,and her parents,and then asked her how she decided to come to this event. She proceeded to tell me that she was 23 years old and had been recently diagnosed with non Hodgkin's lymphoma. Her parents then said that they had to come to thank Ms Obama for the difference she and her husband made in their lives. It seems that their daughter was being treated with chemo and radiation and had been hospitalized but she did not have insurance. However,because she was 23 they were able to keep her on their insurance plan and instead of paying $650,000 for treatment and care so far,they had put out $6,000. It was an amazing look at what can happen to regular people who get life threatening diseases and would have no where to turn without the Affordable Care Act. We were privileged enough to go into see Michelle Obama together for a personal meeting. I saw the first lady hug this young woman with tears in her eyes,and hold the entire family close to her as they thanked her. I said to her,"you must get this story to the President". She said to me I will but I hear this over and over at every stop,people who have no insurance who are now able to keep their children on their policies. I'd say this was an amazing exapmle of what it means to say that Obamacares! Thank you and keep up your spirits-we will win this one,we have to for all of us women,men,and children of America who want to live sane and humane lives!!!!
With love and passion for the next President of the United States,Barack Obama

A Mama/Grandma 4 Obama

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From Ruthie in AZ:

Speaks volumes,no comments needed!

From Andy T in NYC:


Click that one just because the whole world is at stake and somehow you have the capacity to help yet a little more. I will see your contribution and jump – nay, LEAP – thru the screen to say thanks. (Stand back.)


Click THAT one to join the President of the United States at a concert Tuesday, September 18, in New York with two enormous contemporary stars still under wraps but so huge that even +I+ have heard of them. (And coming from a guy who thought for two years that “some woman” was singing “cherry pie, cherry pie” when in fact it was Lady Gaga singing “can’t read my, can’t my” poker face, that’s saying something.) Tickets start at $1,000; those able to do $10,000 (solo or per couple) are honored guests in the photo line.

Whatever you can do, please do something.

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From Karen in DC:

Hello Sunny and Co.,

We will win if we turn out the women’s vote. Young/old e cannot sit it out. We must get the word out about birth control to young women. I also think we can keep Akin’s insensitive comments alive as I tried to do with my story below. Close to 200 women have written since I told my story on Women’s Equality Day, some with their own stories and I urge them to go public. I first sent my story to the list I compiled in 2008 when I was a senior advisor to the Obama campaign for Women for Obama. I urge people to contribute to his campaign here:

Then I was asked if I would go even more public and have a letter to the editor in the Washington Post.

Letter to the Editor

A rape survivor tells her story

Published: August 26

What’s an “illegitimate” rape anyway? The kind that is not forced? When is rape not forced?

Thirty-four years ago this month, I was raped at gunpoint by two men who broke into my home. My husband was out of town, and our young son was sleeping. I knew I must not scream and wake him. For 21 / 2 hours, as I was bound while they stole everything of value in the house and raped me repeatedly, all I could think of was survival — that my husband would return to find both of us dead.

I did not have bruises — would I be able to convince anyone I had been “forcibly” raped? I did not have pictures of the gun at my head — would I be able to convince anyone I had been “forcibly” raped? I did report it to police — but would that be proof enough for Todd Akin that I’d been “forcibly” raped?

In the weeks that followed as I talked with friends and received tremendous support from family and others, I was grateful that anger could replace fear. I could do something about anger. I was executive director of NARAL at that time, and I testified in both the House and Senate to support abortion funding for rape survivors who became pregnant.

That was the first time Congress considered legislation to not fund abortion, even in cases of rape and incest, unless the rape was forced. Todd Akin, with his talk of “legitimate rape,” “forcible rape” and false claims of rape, is just the latest to take up this cause.

Thirty-four years, and Congress is still talking about forced rape, legitimate rape and fertilized eggs with more rights than women.

Karen Mulhauser, Washington

The writer is chair of the advisory council for the Women’s Information Network.


From Elizabeth in Mamaroneck NY:

Dear phone bank veterans and those who've expressed interest in participating in phone banks,

Last night was fairly typical and gratifying, both. From my house, volunteers made 317 calls to Pennsylvania voters, had 72 conversations, and found 42 strong Obama supporters. Of special note, we had good discussions with several undecided and/or confused voters, helped others find out how to get the proper voting identification for themselves and their family members, and provided information to others who were voting for the first time. Also of note, we had volunteers who had never done phone banking before and did a superb job. This often happens - the reluctant novices need only one call to become masterful experts.

So I write now to encourage you to overcome your reluctance if you still have any, or to stick with it if you're a veteran. In the coming weeks, there'll be phone banks at Gloria Strauss's house in Larchmont, 48 Stuyvesant Ave., at my house in Mamaroneck, 702 Hall St., and at our Westchester County Headquarters, at 931 East Boston Post Rd., Mamaroneck. We start at 6:30 and continue until 8:45, but of course you can show up for any part of that period. Actually, it's fun!

Wed., Sept 5 - Gloria's

Mon., Sept. 10 - Gloria's

Wed., Sept 12 - Elizabeth's

Wed., Sept. 19 - Elizabeth's

Phone banks are also set for Mon., Sept. 24 and Mon., Oct. 1st. They will be pretty much constant at the headquarters, and every night at one of our houses also, throughout October. As the campaign progresses, we might well be calling voters in North Carolina and Florida or elsewhere. Please call me with any questions 914-698-7569.

Upward and onward to victory!

From Isolde in GA:

YOU go Sunny! We can do this! :)

From Hank in NYC:

Sent: Monday, September 03, 2012 1:14 PM

To: ''

Subject: To The Editor

“Rosie Ruiz Republicans” – Paul Krugman – September 3, 2012

Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan and Rosie Ruiz have something very specific in common: They are all pathological liars. These are people who not only tell lies and half-truths, but actually believe the falsehoods they try to perpetrate on others. While Rosie Ruiz’s “winning” the 1980 Boston Marathon was looked at as a very odd prank, her “win” was easily discovered and soon forgotten. Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan however, are attempting to dupe the American public in ways that have never been attempted before, and the affect of a Romney/Ryan win in November would be catastrophic for the nation.

The American electorate has always been able to “smell a rat” when they are lied to, and the hope here is that that smell will be so disgusting that they will turn away from the Republican ticket, or will have to hold their collective noses while voting for it.

From Charlie in New England:

Good morning – Heading into the DNC Convention, it’s time to focus on what Barack Obama and his team have accomplished during the past 3 and ½ years. To do that effectively, one needs to compare and contrasting proposed Republican approaches with actions already taken by the President across a wide range of policy areas. Today I will take three areas that have gotten a lot of Republican attention for hyperbolic attacks – solar energy, support for Israel and jobs. Sadly as ever, Romney and Ryan offer “ready, aim, mis-fire” charges left and right, compared to what Obama actually has done. (Note - In my next posting, I’ll examine the “Are you Better Off than you were four years ago?” question.)

First, Romney has alleged repeatedly, as did Clint Eastwood on Thursday night as well, that there are 23 million unemployed Americans. The actual number tabulated by the Department of Labor is 12.8 million unemployed Americans as of the end of July, meaning that Romney inflated the facts by 80%. CNN’s Money column cited below provides the documentation. What is also being drowned out in Republican rhetoric is the fact that the US under Obama has produced more than 4.5 million new jobs in the past 29 months of continuous private sector job growth. This chart is at the bottom of this post, before the quoted articles. Just ask an auto industry worker if the President’s policies have made a difference, or ask someone in the renewable energy industry (see below), or the health care sector. Only the government sector has seen jobs shrink, again contrary to the Republican fantasy miasma.

Let’s turn to solar energy and renewables, since the R & R ticket has demonized the Solyndra loan guarantee case as a boondoggle of epic proportions that epitomizes a federal government awash in waste and incompetence. The facts are dramatically different. First, the Energy Department renewables loan guarantee program was created under the Bush Administration in 2005, but only one project was brought forward for final approval before Obama took over, and ironically that was Solyndra. The vetting work, including tougher terms financially, were completed under the new Obama Administration and the financing closed in late summer of 2009. Since that time, DOE has closed on loan guarantees for 27 Renewable Energy projects valued at almost $16 billion and granted conditional approval to many billions of additional projects. Only the $550 loan guarantee issued to Solyndra for a solar manufacturing facility has defaulted. No other expenditure of money has occurred, since using loan guarantees as a “stimulus” doesn’t require any actual dollars from the federal government unless a project goes bad. As of June 30, 2012, the production from non-hydro renewable energy sources has grown by 78.7% since Obama took office to almost 19 gigawatt-hours. Of that huge increase, solar has seen the most growth in production – up by 285% - and wind is up by 171%, trailed by geothermal up by 13.5%. These are incredible statistics, and completely discredit Ryan’s charge that solar energy – as reflected in the Solyndra guarantee – was a “make believe” market. (see the Fortune article below by Dan Primack for additional context).

Finally, we should investigate if Israel has been “thrown under the bus” by President Obama, as Romney graphically smeared the President with having done in his Acceptance speech. With the Jewish vote in Florida a critical constituency that Romney has been trying to woo, both during his primary campaign, and with his clumsy trip to Israel in July to kow-tow to Netanyahu, this issue has major potential consequences for the outcome of the November election. If, however Obama’s policies and positioning towards Israel was seen as hostile by the hyper-sensitive Jewish citizenry, would a 54% majority of them tell pollsters that they approve of the President’s handling of Israel? And would their Defense Minister say that “the defense relations between Israel and the US are extremely stable and good”? This Romney attack is sheer nonsense while being designed to appeal to Jewish voters in the US who are hawkish about Israel, with US support, needing to attack Iran’s nuclear installations, something Obama has refused to be drawn into doing until sanctions and other efforts have been exhausted.
Over-all, it is an impressive record, and not one of “disappointment”. I for one, am more excited and happy to be voting for President Obama again in two months than when I first voted four years ago. Are you? If any memory refresher is desired, check out this “I am not Disappointed” video clip from a volunteer supporter of Obama made late last year - . Have a great Labor Day! Charlie

Charlie Kireker

Co-Chair, Obama Victory Trustees, New England

From Peggy in LA ,Justy in DC and many of you:

From Greer in TX and MO:

Subject: What Has Obama Done?

Here is a list of 194 Obama Administration accomplishments. This should be passed onto anyone who, as the article says, is "disappointed" about what Obama hasn't done, let alone anyone who plans on voting for Romney!
Hope you Brad, Lilli, Kevin and the beautiful new baby are doing wonderfully!

From our wonderful Lilly Ledbetter who is going all over speaking for the President! ***** Note from Sunny if you haven't read her book, Grace and Grit,you are missing something special!!!!

Sunny, dear friend!!!!

Wonderful news U are now a grandmother!!! Life takes a whole new meaning!

I am so happy mother & baby are fine!!! I love the name----

I was in Atlanta, GA---then Denver, Colorado campaigning for President Obama!

They are saying if he wins Colorado----he will win!!!! The response was very

good. Debbie W. Shultz was out with me in a couple places!

I was on Alex's Show out of New York. On my way home to get some rest!!!!

Love U,

#2 Earlier

Hello---I have been thinking about you & wondered about the baby.

I am working as hard as I can ---- I am with you the BIG MONEY & ALL the ads are

what scares me----I can't stand to watch them-----

Unless I get bumped----I will be on Lawrence O'Donnell's Show tonight----(she was great!!!!!)-

Will speak to an EEOC Conference in Atlanta Friday a.m. Then off

To Colorado for the President's campaign-----
We have to stay strong & fight for what we know is right for the USA!!!!!!!

From Julie in CA:

Hi Sunny!!

I am so sorry to hear you've been under the weather especially in light of the fact that you're so boldly out on the front lines of the Obama Campaign!

The Facebook link is as follows: (wonderful group of women working on doing something special every day to get the President re-elected!!!!)

Best way to go about getting your email list activated on Facebook page is to send out the below email.

All the love!! My designer is still willing to create the layout for post-cards - just haven't gotten confirmation on copy yet.
Love that Lilly L is heading to KC.
All my best - juju
PS Copied my mom on this since she is also able to manage the Facebook Page as are you and Kathy!



My Dear Obama Supporters!

I personally am asking you to support the Obama Campaign in a very simple, interactive way.....

Step One: Have good old-fashioned one-to-one conversations about WHY TO VOTE FOR OBAMA wherever and whenever possible in your daily lives.

Good places to do this:

Starbucks line

Bus Stop

Getting Manicure

Dry Cleaners

Water Cooler at work

Dinner Party (perfect!)

Phone Bank (yes, Volunteer!)

Subway Platform

Conversation Starters: ;

We’ve added back more than 4.4 million private sector jobs

The President signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Restoration Act, making progress in a decades-long battle for women to get equal pay for equal work.

Under the new provisions in the Affordable Care Act, women will have access to the care and family planning services they need without worrying about the cost.

As part of the President’s plan to support American jobs, he signed into law the Returning Heroes and Wounded Warrior tax credits to encourage businesses to hire unemployed veterans and veterans with service-connected disabilities.

Step Two: Share your daily conversations and actions taken with ALL OF US on Facebook

How to do this on Facebook??

Login to account (if you don't have one - CREATE ONE!! It's 2012 and in 2008 Social Media gave Obama the competitive edge to WIN!!)

Go to and "Like" the page

ANYONE and EVERYONE can write something on the WALL, upload photos of your own, cut and paste links to articles that inspire our community, etc

Have fun with it!


These TWO easy actions will to the following:

Solidify your commitment to TALK about the reasons why to vote for Obama on a DAILY basis

INSPIRE your fellow Obama Supporters to keep the conversation going DAILY especially when they're tired and just want to "go home and relax"

Provide new and creative ways to ENGAGE our local communities in order to GET FIRED UP and WIN in November!!!!
My sincerest "Thank You" for keeping the conversation going!!

From Kathy in MO:

Here is a great site to visit and share today… Seriously… This person will probably not have a job after today for speaking the truth. She analyzes Paul Ryan’s speech and calls it: dazzling, dishonest, and distracting. A really good breakdown of the lies. It might be something you want to share with your Republican friends who get all of their info from Fox News!